Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm. Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm. Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm.


Exciting ladies premiere at FIS Youth Cup

Happy winners at the first day of the FIS Youth Grand Prix - NordicFocus

With exciting competitions in five different categories, the first day of the FIS Youth Grand Prix in Oberstdorf concluded with Finnish, Slovenian, Austrian and German victories.

Lea Zu"fle, Kaja Urbanija and Timna Moser win the ladies events

Kaja Coz Urbanija and Timna Moser as well as Lea Zu"fle in the K30 competition can call themselves the first winners of Ladies Nordic Combined.

Lea Zu"fle beat her four competitors in the competition from the K30 hill where she ranked an intermediate third but overtook Finlands Emilia Sorvisto and Pinja Koivisto on the track. Sorvisto and Zu"fle sprinted for the finish line with the German having the better end and winning with a margin of only 0.3 seconds.

In the Ladies event from competitors born between 2000 and 2003, Slovenian Kaja Coz Urbanija defended her intermediate lead from the ski jumping part where she had landed at a strong 56 metres, giving her 106.5 points and only 1 second of head start on Russian athletes Glafira Noskova who jumped 55 metres. Lucille Morat from France who jumped 54 metres and started 24 seconds after Urbanija, held on to her third rank throughout the whole 4 kilometre race. Slovenian Maja Drinovec showed a strong performance on the track, skiing into second position and making it into a Slovenian double victory in the ladies event. The fastest lady on the track was Norwegian Ida Marie Hagen with 10:21.3 who improved a 14th rank after jumping into a final fifth one.

The 1999-1996 category saw a clear start-finish victory by Austrian Timna Moser who had already impressed with great jumps on Oberstdorfs K58 hill. With 55 metres, she started 19 seconds ahead of German Jasmin Buchmann and 32 seconds ahead of Russian Alena Sutiagina.

In the race, Buchmann was not able to hold onto her second rank and had to let Norways Silje Opseth and Russian Sutiagina pass in the fight for the podium. Opseth and Sutiagina battled it out on the track with the better end for the Norwegian who finished about 4 seconds earlier than the Russian in the end. The fastest lady in this group was Opseths Norwegian teammate Tonje Bakke who needed 10:04.0 for the 4 kilometres and skied from rank 8 to rank 6.

Finnish domination continues in the male categories

Like in the last year, the Finnish athletes dominated the boys competitions. In both the S13 and S14 categories, the first two places wen to Finland: Perttu Reponen took the win in the S13 class, followed by Waltteri Karhumaa and German Lenard Kersting. The S14 class went to Rasmus A"hta"va" ahead of Otto Niittykoski and Jonas Ja"ckle from Germany.

After the jump, Perttu Reponen was already in the lead with a good effort of 58 metres, giving him 115.6 points and a headstart of 17 seconds on Austrian runner-up Stefan Rettenegger. Reponens teammate Waltteri Karhumaa ranked third at the intermediate point with 55 metres and 106.7 points which meant 36 seconds of time disadvantage for the 4 kilometre roller-ski track.

During the race, Reponen also showed the third best roller-ski time on the 4 kilometres and skied to an undisputed victory 41.2 seconds ahead of his teammate Waltteri Karhumaa who overtook Stefan Rettenegger to climb up one spot on the final podium. With the second-fastest time, Lenard Kersting skied from an intermediate 12th rank to his final third position. Norwegian Brage Buseth Hammerstad impressed with the best cross-country performance (10:17.7 for the 4 km), taking him from a 27th to a final 9th rank.

The jumping part of the fourteen-year old boys had also been in Finnish hands. The eventual winner A"hta"va" set 98 metres and went out on the track with a seven-second headstart on Rok Oblak (57 metres, 113.3 p.) from Slovenia. Otto Niittykoski ranked third with 56 metres and 111 points. He started into the race 16 seconds after A"hta"va" and claimed the second rank by setting the fastest time on the track (15:25.8 for the 6 km), overtaking Rok Oblak who went back to a final 26th. Jonas Ja"ckle conquered his third rank by setting the fourth fastest time, roller-skiing onto the podium from an eleventh rank.

FIS-ski.com 29 August 2014

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