Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm. Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm. Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm.


FIS Cup on a high level

Although Hinterzarten is not on the calendar for the FIS Grand Prix 2014, international ski jumping competitions were also taking place on the "Adlerschanze" this summer. A FIS Cup was held in the Black Forest last weekend, and some well known names were participating in the two ladies' and men's competitions.

Germany's Danny Queck took the win in the first men's competition on Saturday with the longest jumps in both rounds on 101.5 m and 102.5 m and 258.5 points. Krzysztof Leja of Poland was second with 246.0 points (99.5 m and 98.5 m), Ziga Mandl (SLO) completed the podium in third with 99.5 m and 99 m (245.0 points).

The Slovene was then the best on Sunday. After he was only tenth in the first round with 97 m, Ziga Mandl showed a great jump on 107.5 m in the final and won the competition with 258.5 points. Danny Queck was on the podium again, this time in second, with 98.5 m and 104 m (255.0 points), the third place went to his teammate Jan Mayla"nder with 252.5 points (100 m and 101.5 m).

Young German Gianina Ernst was the best in both ladies' competitions. On Saturday she won with 97.5 m and 98.5 m (240.0 points) ahead of Olympic Champion Carina Vogt (95 m and 95 m; 224.5 points) and Austrian Chiara Hoelzl (94.5 m and 95 m; 223.0 points).

On Sunday Gianina Ernst (97.5 m and 98.5 m) and her teammate Svenja Wuerth (97 m and 97.5 m) shared the win with 235.5 points. Juliane Seyfarth in third provided a triple win for Germany with 231.0 points (94.5 m and 98.5 m).

In addition to the FIS Cup events, also a competition of the FIS Youth Cup was held in Hinterzarten. It was won by French Jonathan Learoyd (75.5 m and 79 m; 257.4 points), ahead of Luca Roth (74 m and 75 m; 246.9 points) and Edgar Vallet (75 m and 74 m; 243.8 points).

FIS-ski.com 12 August 2014

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