Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm. Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm. Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm.


Home win for Poland in Wisla

The Polish team celebrated a home victory in the first team competition of the season at the FIS Grand Prix in Wisla.

With 1061.5 points, double Olympic Champion Kamil Stoch, Piotr Zyla, Maciej Kot and Dawid Kubacki took a clear win ahead of the Czech Republic and the Austrians. Team Olympic Champion Germany came in fifth, Norway was fourth.

The outstanding jumper of the local heroes was Kamil Stoch with jumps on 133 m and 130.5 m. Also Piotr Zyla, who already showed a strong performance on Thursday, when he was third in the qualification for the individual competition, jumped very well with 128.5 m and 131.5 m. Together with Maciej Kot (129 m and 129.5 m) and Dawid Kubacki (125 m and 124.5 m) they had a lead of 45.4 points over the Czech team.

Koudelka leads Czech to the podium

Roman Koudelka was the strongest jumper of the Czech team this evening. He posted jumps on 130.5 m and 128.5 m. Veteran Jakub Janda jumped on 127.5 m and 125.5 m, Lukas Hlava (120.5 m; 124 m) and Antonin Hajek (124.5 m; 125 m) also had good jumps and so they achieved a strong second place.

The Austrinas couldn't reach the 130 m mark, but they showed a very consistent performance. Michael Hayboeck (127 m; 124.5 m), Stefan Kraft (125 m; 127.5 m), 4-Hills-Tournament winner Thomas Diethart (126 m; 122.5 m) and World Cup record winner Gregor Schlierenzauer (127.5 m; 124.5 m) were second after the first round. At the end they missed the second place by only 3.6 points or a 130 m jump.

Fannemel's second jump cost the podium

Anders Fannemel's final jump cost the podium result for the Norwegian athletes, who were jumping so strong so far in Wisla. Fannemel, who was second in the qualification on Thursday, had a good first jump on 129 m but landed already at 120 m in the final. In absence of Anders Bardal, Phillip Sjoeen (129 m; 130 m), Andreas Stjernen (126.5 m; 131.5 m) and Rune Velta (126 m; 129 m) showed a good performance and so the team finished fourth with 1006.1 points.

The team Olympic Champions of Germany could not show their best performance in Wisla. Andreas Wank (125 m; 125 m), Richard Freitag (124 m; 122 m), Andreas Wellinger (129.5 m; 130 m) and especially Severin Freund (124.5 m; 122.5 m) were not in their best shape that early in the season and reached a total of 1004.5 points.

Only Prevc strong

But still Germany came in 34.1 points ahead of Slovenia. Peter Prevc was the only jumper of the team who could show a good performance with his jumps on 131 m and 135.5 m (the longest jump of the day). Jurij Tepes, Robert Kranjec and Matjaz Pungertar could not meet the expectations.

The teams of Japan (884.9 points) and Switzerland (865.8 points) could at least qualify for the final round, for Russia and South Korea the competition was already over after the first round.

The individual competition at 5:00 pm CET on Saturday will conclude the Grand Prix in Wisla.

FIS-ski.com 25 Jule 2014

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