Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm. Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm. Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm.


Sub-Committee meetings: New calendars and modifications

Sub-Committee meetings in Zurich, Switzerland
Sub-Committee meetings in Zurich, Switzerland - FIS

Besides the ski jumping calendars for summer and winter 2014 and 2015 also modifications of the rules were discussed at the annual ski jumping sub committee meetings on April 11th and 12th in Zurich.

The following sub committees met:

Ski Jumping Youth and Children's questions 
Officials, Rules and Control
Calendar Planning
Equipment and Development
Hill Construction

Among other issues, modifications were suggested for the following points:

Ski Jumping Suits:

The thickness of the suit may not exeed 6.0 mm (was 5.0 mm), nor be less than 4.0 mm.

Competition equipment control

The measurements of the suit must conform the measurement of the body in an upright position with a minimum tolerance of (was max. 2 cm) 1 cm and a maximum of 3 cm (Ladies suits minimum 2 cm and maximum 4 cm) to the body at any part of the suit. An exception is the part around the boot: the jumping suit can be maximally 10 cm larger (beginning at the knee) than the value which is measured around the jumping shoe and must cover the boot.

New format for Ski Flying (to be tested during the GP 2014)


- Allowed to start are:

Competitors, who have gained at least one GP or WC point (this restriction will be applied for Ski Flying events only, not for the test events).

- Qualification round

The qualification round reduces the number of participants to 40 (during the test events to 48).

All jumpers must participate (NO EXCEPTION FOR THE TOP 10).

- Start order and format for the first competition round

The 40 (48 at test events) athletes will equally be seeded into 4 groups according to the reverse order of the World Cup standings (Grand Prix standings).
Each group therefore consists of 10 (12 at test events) athletes.
The six best athletes per group qualify for the final round.

- Final round

Only the top 24 athletes (4 x 6) qualify for the final;
No point score will be taken to the final round;
The competitors start with the same start number but in reverse order of the collective point score from the first competition round;

- Final result

The total score of the final round is decisive.
In case of a cancellation of the final round, the collective total score of the first round is the final result.

World Cup Rules Ladies 2014/2015

Participation Right in WCJ-L Competitions:
Each National Ski Association can enter, for a WCJ-L event, a maximum of five (so far six) jumpers.

Competition Mode and Starting Order:

Qualification round:

The qualification round reduces the number of participants to 40 (so far 50)


The Organizing Committee must provide prize-money of at least the following amount in Swiss Francs (CHF) per competition: Single competition: CHF 19 890,-- (so far CHF 17’940.--), divided between the top 20 (so far 15) athletes.

The representatives of the national ski associations can now send comments and remarks to the FIS by the 16th of May at the latest. According to the “Funnel System” the proposals of the respective Jumping Sub-Committees are collected and circulated by the discipline Coordination Group to the National Ski Associations for comment before being dealt by the Technical Committee and the FIS Council.

All proposals will then be presented to the Jumping Committee for confirmation and to the FIS Council for final approval during the 49th FIS congress in Barcelona (SPA) from 01.-06. June 2014.

FIS-ski.com 15 April 2014

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