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Kamil Stoch remains ambitious

Kamil Stoch
Kamil Stoch - FIS

Even as double Olympic Champion, Kamil Stoch hasn't had enough. After his return from Sochi the 26-year-old seemed to be settled and relaxed.

"Call me Kamil"

In an interview with Polish TV TVP he said: "It's nice to be Olympic Champion. But this doesn't mean you have to call me that. My name is Kamil. This is enough." The World Cup leader tries to avoid too much media attention: "There will be no big appearances until the end of the season. I want to be as successful as possible during the rest of the season. I train very hard for this. I can't promise to win everything, but I will do my best." 

Washing laundry and packing

He will spend the time until the next World Cup in Falun with his family: "It's difficult to be a good husband and a successful athlete at the same time. My wife and my family always support me. Over the next day I'll wash the laundry, then I'll pack again and travel to the next competition." Stoch also expresses his gratitude: "If you work hard and believe in something, that God gives you the right persons to accompany you on the way. I feel blessed to have fantastic people around me. I hope that these people, and also the fans and the media, will not treat me any differently in the future."

You have to believe in yourself

When asked about his work on the way towards the Games in Sochi, Stoch provided an insight: "It has a lot to do with psychology. It is important to not let the nervousness affect your performance. Together with my wife I tried to visualize my goals and imagined having the Gold medal at home. You have to be focused and believe in yourself."

In his home country also the design of the helmet for the World Champion 2013 was an issue. During a photo shooting in the aviation museum in Crakow he had the idea to use the red-white pattern of the Polish airforce. "I had to get a lot of permissions, this was something we didn't think about at first. I got a lot of positive feedback, that makes me happy."

But thing is for sure, Stoch hasn't had enough yet. "I feel that I can still achieve a lot more. After this success I have a lot of positive energy and I want to use that to continue winning."

FIS-ski.com 20 February 2014

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