Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm. Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm. Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm.


Kamil Stoch outstanding in Willingen

Severin Freund, Kamil Stoch, Peter PrevcSeverin Freund, Kamil Stoch, Peter Prevc - FIS

Kamil Stoch also won the second competition in Willingen in an impressive manner and presented himself in an amazing shape just one week before the Olympic Games. With jumps on 147 m and 145 m and 271.4 points Stoch came in clearly ahead of Severin Freund and Peter Prevc and is now again the overall World Cup leader.

Kamil Stoch was extremely happy about his eleventh win in the World Cup: "I'm very happy. These were exactly the jumps I was hoping for. It was a fantastic weekend for me. I dedicate this win to my wife because it's her birthday tomorrow. I'm looking forward to good conditions and a great atmosphere in Sochi. I will do my best, but I can't make any promises to the fans."  

Freund second again

Freund repeated his second place of Saturday's competition with jumps on 141.5 m and 134 m that earned him a total of 257.9 points. The athlete of Rastbuechl was more than satisfied with the weekend. ""I'm extremely satisfied. If somebody would have told me before this weekend that I will be on the podium twice I would have been happy. I like this hill here in Willingen a lot. The fact that I was on the podium twice shows that my jumps are consistent. Of course it's my goal to fight for the medals in Sochi. But the level is very high, you have to show your best jumps in Sochi in order to have a chance to win a medal there. Everyone of our team has the potential to be on the podium in Sochi."

Prevc satisfied, despite he lost the overall lead

10.6 points behind, Prevc, who was in the lead after the first round with 145.5 m, came in third. After his final jump on 132 m he achieved a podium result, only 0.9 points ahead of Noriaki Kasai. "My first jump was perfect, in the second round I jumped with too much power and not enough feeling, what is actually my strength. I'm not really sad that I lost the yellow bib before Sochi. Now I also don't have the pressure of the overall leader anymore, this is a good position for me", said Prevc.

Six Slovenes in the Top 15 

Like already on Saturday, Noriaki Kasai of Japan was fourth with 141 m and 135.5 m. Besides Kranjec, who was fifth with 134 m and 146.5 m and 243.6 points, also Jurij Tepes (234.6 points) and Jernej Damjan (234.0 points) achieved top results in eighth and ninth. The Slovenian team is now definitely one of the top favorites for Sochi. Daiki Ito was sixth with 240.1 points, Stefan Kraft followed in seventh, 4.7 points behind, and was the best Austrian. Andreas Wellinger achieved a Top 10 result with 232.5 points, but he still has room for improvement. Jan Matura showed a positive trend and came in eleventh, Thomas Diethart was 12th and seems to be lacking the carefreeness he had when he won the 4-Hills-Tournament. With Nejc Dezman and Tomaz Naglic in 13th and 14th, two more Slovenes achieved very good results. Jakub Janda gained some important self confidence in 15th.

Ammann not in top shape

The Swiss hopes for the Olympic Games suffered a setback. While Gregor Deschwanden finished on a good 17th place, Simon Ammann, who was 33rd on Saturday, was 25th this time. The best Austrian today, Stefan Kraft, will not go the Olympics, Michael Hayboeck (19th) and Andreas Kofler (35th), who are on the Olympic team, were not among the best today. Also Janne Ahonen will have to hope for a wonder to happen if he really wants to win the long awaited Olympic Gold, he was 20th in Willingen. The Germans Richard Freitag (21st), Andreas Wank (23rd) and Marinus Kraus (26th) also have some work left to do. Kaarel Nurmsalu was 27th and scored his first World Cup points this season, just like Norwegian Simen Key Grimsrud in 30th.

Stoch in yellow to Sochi

Kamil Stoch is now the overall World Cup leader with 921 points and has a lead of 13 points over Peter Prevc. Noriaki Kasai travels to Sochi in third, with 764 points he scored 76 more than Gregor Schlierenzauer, who didn't take part in the last four competitions. Severin Freund moved up to fifth, ahead of Simon Ammann, after his two second places in Willingen.  

First Olympic competition next weekend

For the ski jumpers the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi start on the upcoming weekend with the competition on the normal hill. The medals on the large hill will be awarded on February 14th and 15th, the team competition follows on February 17th.

Complete results as pdf-file

FIS-ski.com 02 February 2014

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