Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm. Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm. Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm.


Peter Prevc secured the win for Slovenia

Jurij Tepes, Robert Kranjec, Jernej Damjan, Peter Prevc
Jurij Tepes, Robert Kranjec, Jernej Damjan, Peter Prevc - FIS

The Slovenian team won the last team competition before the Olympic Winter Games. With a total of 1059.6 points Robert Kranjec, Jurij Tepes, Jernej Damjan and Peter Prevc finished ahead of the German team. After the first round the Slovenes were only fourth. Austria came in third.

The German team, with Andreas Wank, who earned the last remaining ticket for the Olympic Games in the qualification for the individual competition in Zakopane, Richard Freitag, Andreas Wellinger and Severin Freund, was in the lead for a long time but Freund could not keep up with Prevc in the final group. Germany scored a total of 1047.9 points.

Austria was not able to fight for the win. The young team with Michael Hayboeck, Manuel Poppinger, 4-Hills winner Thomas Diethart and Gregor Schlierenzauer was in an exciting battle with the Poland. In the final round Schlierenzauer could then keep his nerves better than Stoch and earned his team the podium result with 1033.0 points and a lead of 6.3 points over the local heroes. The Polish team, with Klemens Muranka, Dawid Kubacki, Jan Ziobro and World Champion Stoch, lost the hopes for a win already after the first jump of Muranka on 118.5 m, but they could close the gap again. But Kamil Stoch could secure the podium for his team against ecord World Cup winner Schlierenzauer.

Norway came in fifth and could not fight for the podium. Only Anders Fannemel showed a consistent performance today. Daniel-Andre Tande, Rune Velta and Anders Bardal only had one really good jump each and so they reached a total of only 993.3 points. The Czech team was sixth with 952.4 points, at least Jan Matura showed a very good performance and could gain self confidence. Antonin Hajek, Roman Koudelka and Lukas Hlava are still struggeling with their shape.  

Finland without Ahonen - Italy in the final round

Without Janne Ahonen, qualifying for the final round was a success for the Finnish team. Lauri Asikainen, Janne Happonen, Olli Muotka and Anssi Koivuranta were seventh with 919.4 points. About 60 points behind the Finns, the team of Italy finished eighth. But in contrast to the teams of Russia and Kazakhstan, Roberto Dellasega, Andrea Morassi, Davide Bresadola and Sebastian Colloredo were able to qualify for the final round.

Kubacki with best individual result

A remarkable performance in the team competition of Zakopane was shown by Peter Prevc, who secured the win for his team with jumps on 132 m and 131.5 m and 275.5 points. Also Dawid Kubacki showed a great performance with 131 m and 132.5 m he scored 276.6 points for his team and was the best athlete in the competition. Andreas Wellinger was the best of the German team with 266.5 points and 130 m and 129 m although he still lost some points. Gregor Schlierenzauer was the best of the Austrians with 265.6 points.

The individual competition in Zakopane will take place on Sunday, at 2:00 pm CET.

Complete results as pdf-file 

Statements of the Top 3

Jernej Damjan (SLO):
"It's always nice to jump in front of the fans here in Zakopane. We ended our preparation for Sochi already before the season, because we have to prepared for every competition in the World Cup. I like Sapporo and I will compete there because our coach Goran Janus thinks that competitions are the best training. I was already jumping well in summer but the start of the winter was bad for me. Now it's going better."

Andreas Wank (GER):
"Congratulations to Slovenia. We showed good jumps, but they were not perfect. We will try to do better in Sochi. For me, Zakopane is better than Wisla because the fans create a great atmosphere here and I have positive memories of last year. We are on the right track towards Sochi, but we still have to improve. Our Olympic team will not go to Sapporo, so I'll stay in Europe but I think that the guys who go there will also do a great job."

Michael Hayboeck (AUT):
"We are satisfied with the third place because we are a young team. There's no rivalry between us, because we have a common goal. Our goal is Sochi and I hope I was able to do a good job here. We are still waiting for Thomas Morgenstern. I don't know yet whether I'll go to Sapporo because the team for Sochi will stay home and I don't know if I'll be on the Olympic team."

FIS-ski.com 18 January 2014

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