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Facts & Figures about the World Cup in Lillehammer

Facts & Figures - Lillehammer
Facts & Figures - Lillehammer - FIS

Schlierenzauer goes for 5th victory in Lillehammer

Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT) holds the record of four individual World Cup wins in Lillehammer and can extend it this weekend.

Schlierenzauer can equal and/or surpass his personal record for most individual World Cup wins at one venue (5 - Zakopane and Planica).

If he reaches five victories in Lillehammer, Schlierenzauer will be the first jumper to win five or more individual World Cup events at three different venues, surpassing Janne Ahonen (FIN) and Matti Nykänen (FIN), who have five or more victories at two venues (see table).

Thomas Morgenstern (AUT) and Simon Ammann (SUI) both have three wins in Lillehammer and either could enter the 'club' of five wins at one venue by winning the double this weekend.

If Schlierenzauer wins both individual competitions this weekend, he will reach six victories in Lillehammer, equal with Nykänen (Sapporo) for the second most individual World Cup wins at one venue.

Schlierenzauer's 16 individual World Cup podiums in Norway are the equal sixth most by any jumper in any country. If he makes one podium this weekend, he will equal his own personal best of 17 podiums in one country (Germany – see table). 

Five or more individual victories at a single venue

# Name Venue
8 Matti Nykänen (FIN) Lahti
6 Matti Nykänen (FIN) Sapporo
5 Janne Ahonen (FIN) Engelberg
5 Janne Ahonen (FIN Harrachov
5 Roar Ljoekelsoey (NOR) Sapporo
5 Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT) Zakopane
5 Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT) Planica
5 Adam Malysz (POL) Oslo
4 Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT) Lillehammer

Most individual podiums in a single host country 

# Name Host country
23 Janne Ahonen (FIN) Austria
23 Jens Weißflog (DDR/GER) Germany
18 Janne Ahonen (FIN) Germany
18 Adam Malysz (POL) Germany
17 Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT) Germany
16 Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT) Norway
16 Adam Malysz (POL) Finland

Weißflog's total includes podiums in a united Germany as well as the former East Germany and the former West Germany.

Morgenstern chasing his own slice of history

Thomas Morgenstern has won three times in Lillehammer and can equal and potentially surpass Schlierenzauer's total of four. Simon Ammann (SUI) also has three wins in Lillehammer.

Morgenstern equalled Jens Weißflog's (GDR/GER) total of 73 individual World Cup podiums in Kuusamo. This weekend he can surpass Weißflog and move into outright fifth position on the all-time list.

Morgenstern leads all jumpers with seven individual World Cup podiums in Lillehammer, one more than Schlierenzauer and two more than Ammann.

Morgenstern can equal and/or surpass his personal record for most individual World Cup podiums at a single venue. He has eight podiums at both Sapporo and Engelberg.

If he makes a podium this weekend, Morgenstern would become the fourth ski jumper to record at least eight individual World Cup podiums at three different venues, after Ahonen (who has done it at five venues), Weißflog (three) and Nykänen (three).

Only six active jumpers have won a WC normal hill event

Saturday's competition is the first men's normal hill event held on the World Cup circuit for almost exactly one year, since 9 December 2012 on the Olympic normal hill in Sochi.

Only seven active jumpers have won World Cup competitions on the normal hill: Schlierenzauer, Ahonen, Morgenstern, Andreas Kofler (AUT), Severin Freund (GER), Noriaki Kasai (JPN) and Daiki Ito (JPN). Martin Schmitt (GER) has also won on a normal hill before but has not participated yet this year on the World Cup tour.

Of these active jumpers, Ahonen is the most successful with three World Cup normal hill victories, but the last of these was in March 2000.

Freund is the only active jumper to have won on the normal hill in Lillehammer, triumphing there at the start of last season.

The only other men's individual World Cup normal hill competition in Lillehammer was held in December 1995 and was won by Mika Laitinen (FIN). Ahonen, who came fourth, is the only active jumper who participated in that 1995 event.

Finland lead all countries with 37 World Cup victories in individual normal hill competitions, with Austria next on 33.

In individual World Cup normal hill podiums, the positions are reversed: Austria lead with 95, followed by Finland with 93.

FIS-ski.com, 04 December 2013

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