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TT - Magnus Krog: "Kuusamo gives me that extra touch of excitement!"

Magnus Krog - Sandra Volk

The new season is so close, you can actually already feel it and who better to check-in with this shortly before the kick-off than Norway's Magnus Krog. The 26-year-old really likes the World Cup opener in Kuusamo and has been a fixture on the podium for two years in a row now. in TUESDAY TALK, he tells us why that is, what he has done over the summer and how being part of a team as strong and the Norwegian one feels like.

We are starting the season in Kuusamo again this year. It's a venue you should have plenty of positive associations with, being on the podium last year and winning your first WC the winter before. What is it about Kuusamo that suits you so well?

Magnus Krog: Well, first of all I do like the hill in Kuusamo. It's one of the funniest hills to jump in during our winter season. The feeling of passing the nole (hopefully) and then continue to fly is amazing. I also like the atmosphere when we all are gathered together, Cross-country, Nordic Combined and Ski Jumping. It's more show during the competition days, and I feel this gives me an extra touch of excitement. Normally, it's also the first competition, the grand opening of the World Cup season. Some extra nerves are building up inside my body, and when I can handle this in the right way (as I feel I've done the last two years), it helps a bit with my performance.

We will kick the season off with a full team event as a first competition to start the winter with some team spirit. Do you like that type of event? Is it a good start for the Olympic season?

Krog: Team events are always fun, and it will be interesting to start the season like this. It will certainly give us an indication of which teams are well prepared for the Olympics. But a lot can change before we get to Sochi.

Considering the strong Norwegian team, do you have a guess who will actually competing in this first event?

Krog: I hope my name will be in the team of course. I do like to compete in Kuusamo, but we are a strong team, and it's difficult to put up four names right now. Everyone in the team has a fair chance of taking up a spot, so you wont have any clear guess from me before the competition is about to start (laughs).

Last year, the Norwegian team was really performing well in the first part of the season. What can we expect from you this year?

Krog: We are about to start an Olympic season, and of course I hope the team will perform as well as last year. With a good start in the competitions before Christmas, we can be sure of that we are on the right way towards the Olympics.

Unfortunately, we haven't seen you during the Summer Grand Prix, so you'll have to tell us a little bit about your shape. How has the summer been?

Krog: When the Summer Grand Prix was about to take place, I felt a bit tired due to a period of a lot of training. So I decided to not compete and rather rest for a while. Right now I feel it was a good choice. It was satisfaction enough for me to see that the team did well both in the jumping part and in the races.

What are your goals for the first part of the season until Christmas?

Krog: My goals is to perform well, and I'm really looking forward to Kuusamo again. I hope to make some competition jumps on a good level, but I will probably use the first races to get my racing shape up some levels. So hopefully you will see me jump pretty far, but my rocket speed in the races ain't firing up before the Olympics. So we'll only see then if its good enough (laughs).

FIS-ski.com, 26 November 2013

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