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Norway: Security precautions for fear of terrorism in Sochi

Alexander Stoeckl - FIS

The Olympic Games in Sochi are the big highlight for winter sports in the upcoming season. But for many participants, the anticipation of this major event is mixed with the fear of terrorist attacks in the Caucasus region.

When asked by the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet what he fears most at the Olympics in Sochi, World Champion Anders Bardal recently answered with: "Terrorism". Head coach Alexander Stoeckl is of course also concerned about this issue. "Nobody goes anywhere without telling us. We need to know where the athletes are all the time. That's always the case at major events like the Olympics, but it will be especially important in Sochi", Stoeckl is quoted on dagbladet.no. "We are going to a troubled area, but Olympiatoppen has it under control. They talked about what can happen and developed an emergency plan", the Austrian added.

According to Dagbladet, an emergency drill of the police and Olympiatoppen, an organization of the Norwegian Olympic Committee to support elite sports, was already carried out. There they also addressed questions like: What shall we do when a bomb explodes? How shall we react when an athlete is kidnapped? Members of the Police Security Service will guard the Norwegian team also on location in Sochi.

The athletes were informed about the situation in the region by a reporter of the Norwegian TV channel NRK. "He told us that we have to prepared that anything can happen", said Bardal.

The Olympic Winter Games in Sochi 2014 will be held from February 7th to 23rd. The Russian government already pointed out various times that everything will be done in order to guarantee the security of the region.

FIS-ski.com, 07 November 2013

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