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Polish Team kicks off winter season

Team Poland 2013 - FIS

The Polish ski jumpers are slowly wrapping up their preparations for the winter season. On October 27th their agenda included attending a press conference to kick off the 2013/14 winter season. This event could not be complete without the medalists from Val di Fiemme, including World Champion Kamil Stoch, nor the members of the youth representation.

We just wrapped up our first training camp with jumps on the ice inrun track. We wanted to get on the ice earlier and start using this substitute for winter, and we succeeded in doing that, although we couldnt avoid problems altogether, said head coach ?ukasz Kruczek. This week we have motor training. We would like to go back to training on the ice inrun next week, and we will probably opt for Oberstdorf again. After coming back from there, we will monitor the situation in Europe because we know that November is a month when the weather can be quite surprising, but we want to choose a spot for training about 2 or 3 days before the World Cup starts, and above all, it has to be a place with excellent conditions. From November 21. onward, we will operate according to the FIS calendar. In early December theres not only the World Cup, but also the Universiade which we would like to participate in, as well as Continental Cup competitions. As for the potential World Cup starts, certain adjustments are possible, and we are taking into account the possibility of leaving out one World Cup weekend naturally, as far as the Universiade participant group is concerned and it will probably be Sapporo or Willingen that they will miss added the Polish trainer.

Coach Kruczek also mentioned the superb cooperation between different training groups in Poland. So far, this has been the best year in terms of excellent collaboration between groups, everything has been functioning well on every level, and we hope we can keep that up. Its safe to say that year by year, this cooperation is continuously improving, and we are clearly seeing effects. Its not always just the A team members achieving the best results, the other groups are also doing a great job. This is where we can point out two athletes from the remaining training groups who have had a great summer season, and they are Krzysztof Biegun and Jan Ziobro, whose hard work is proof enough that they are fit to compete with the worlds ski jumping elite.

Aside from the Olympic Games in Sochi, the Polish national teams main objective will be the World Cup. As far as our plans for the season go, its important for this season to be better for us than the last one has been, at least in some part. Were counting on gaining more points in the overall ranking in comparison to last year the coach emphasizes.

Kamil Stoch was also in a positive mood. The World Champion from Val di Fiemme stressed that the current Polish team is one of the best in history, and that they can surely take on international competition. We now have a strong team, and that gives us more motivation to work because the competition level at national competitions is quite high and we have to put in a lot of effort to achieve any sort of success there. The high level at national competitions helps us at international events later. I believe that we have one of the best teams in the world and some of the most top-notch national events. That makes other competitions seem easier, said Stoch.

For the jumper from Zab, Poland, its all the same where the winter season starts. It doesnt matter to me where the winter season starts, and it has never really mattered to me. My job is to get to where the competition is scheduled, participate in it, and do my thing, which is to show the best jumps.

At their recent trainings, the Polish jumpers focused on testing new equipment among other things, boots and bindings. In terms of equipment, there have been some changes compared to the last season, and the most has changed with it comes to the bindings and the boots. Our boots are now hardened, the bindings are also working better. We could feel the difference in each element during testing. I think that at this point, we have everything worked out and theres nothing left to do, but to wait for the first competition starts Piotr Z.y?a explained.

Last season, we let the suit change surprise us because we didnt even check them out, and it turned out they were wrong and this caused some unnecessary confusion. This year we learned from our mistake and our equipment is pretty much ready to go. Of course we will use the remaining time to perfect everything and introduce even better improvements. Were constantly on the lookout for ways to make the skis even more stable during flight. We have testing planned for one more element of equipment, and it doesnt necessarily concern boots. I do the most testing in the team. Most of the things Ive tested has worked out well for me, because some of those tests did not come out well and we rejected some material, and some of it had to be modified added Maciej Kot.

The Polish jumpers emphasize that they are not going to focus solely on the Olympics in Sochi. Every competition is treated the same. I dont think you can prepare just for the Olympic Games. You have to jump the same way as you do in any competition. Give it your all and fight for the best result, said Z.y?a.

We dont classify competitions as important or unimportant ones, which we dont have to do well in. The whole circuit is important to us. Of course the Olympics are at the top of the hierarchy, but there are also other highlights along the way, like the World Ski Flying Championships and the World Cup. The competitions that are scheduled in Poland are important to us in that we would like to put on the best possible show there, those are quite prestigious events for us, said Maciej Kot.

The first World Cup events of this season will be held in Klingenthal, Germany on November 22.-24.

FIS-ski.com, 29 October 2013

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