Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm. Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm. Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm.


Sochi passes final test for the Olympics

The Russian summer nationals were held this week on the Olympic hills in Sochi. The events took place on the normal and on the large hill in the RusSki Gorki Ski Jumping Center and also served as the final test for the Olympic Games in February.

"I'm really impressed with what happened here since my last visit. Compared to last December, when the ladies' and men's World Cup took place, everything is almost unrecognizable", Miran Tepes, assistant of FIS race director Walter Hofer, told FISskijumping.com. "Enormous steps were made over the past weeks and months concerning the venues and the infrastructure. Accommodations for more than 100 000 tourists were built in the area, that's a huge number", Tepes told.

The organizers invited Tepes and other FIS officials as advisors to the open Russian Nationals in order to make sure that the events are carried out in accordance with international standards. So these events were a real test for the competitions at the upcoming Olympic Games.

"The logistics and the infrastructure worked well during the competitions. Everything is, or will be, ready in time. The organizing committee did a good job", Tepes is optimistic for the ski jumping competitions at the Olympics in Sochi from February 9th - 17th.

The win in the competition on the normal hill went to Ilmir Hazetdinov with 94 m in both rounds and 224.0 points. Anton Kalinitschenko came in second with 219.5 points (94 m and 93.5 m), followed by Dimitry Vassiliev. The veteran showed the longest jump of the day with 95.5 m in the final, but with his total of 219.0 points he was not able to improve his third place after the first round.

Dimitry Vassiliev then took the win on the large hill. He won the title with the longest jumps in both rounds (134.5 m and 134 m) and a total of 258.1 points. Denis Kornilov finished second with 129.5 m and 130.5 m (255.1 points). Ilmir Hazetdinov was third in this competition with 228.9 points (128.5 m and 121 m).

Nizhniy Novgorod 1 with Alexey Buyvolov, Mikhail Maksimochkin, Alexander Sardyko and Denis Kornilov (933.8 points) dominated the team competition. The second place went to Bashkortostan 1 (Ramil Zarifullin, Grigoriy Leontyev, Ilmir Hazetdinov, Dimitry Vassiliev; 829.6 points), followed by Permskiy Region (Sergei Kulikov, Georgiy Chervyakov, Alex Kamynin, Artem Urtev; 759.7 points).

The mixed team competition was won by St. Petersburg (Daria Grushina, Vladislav Persiyancev, Sofya Tikhonova, Vladislav Boyarintsev) with 834.0 points ahead of Permskiy Region 1 (Maria Alexandrova, Sergei Kulikov, Anastasiya Gladysheva, Alex Kamynin; 831.0 points) and Moscow (Anastasia Veshchikova, Ildar Valitov, Irina Avvakumova, Petr Chaadaev; 801.5 points).

Takanashi unbeatable

The ladies' competition at this open Russian Championships was dominated by Sara Takanashi. The favorite of Japan, overall winner of the FIS Grand Prix 2013, showed two jumps on 101 m on the normal hill and clearly won with her total of 252.5 points. With Anastasiya Gladysheva (95 m and 92.5 m; 218.0 points) and Irina Avvakumova (91 m and 92.5 m; 204.5 points), the two best Russians came in second and third.

Top 10 Russian Championships, Sochi HS 106; October 14, 2013

Rank Name Distance Points
1. Hazetdinov, Ilmir 94 m - 94 m 224.0
2. Kalinitschenko, Anton 94 m - 93.5 m 219.5
3. Vassiliev, Dimitry 91 m - 95.5 m 219.0
4. Trofimov, Roman 90 m - 93 m 212.5
5. Kornilov, Denis 89.5 m - 94 m 210.5
6. Ipatov, Dimitry 89.5 m - 92.5 m 208.0
Boyarintsev, Vladislav 90 m - 91 m 208.0
8. Chaadaev, Petr 89.5 m - 92 m 206.0
9. Maksimochkin, Mikhail 88.5 m - 92 m 205.0
10. Rosliakov, Ilja 88.5 m - 92 m 204.5

Top 10 Russian Championships, Sochi HS 140; October 16, 2013

Rank Name Distance Points
1. Vassiliev, Dimitry 134.5 m - 134 m 258.1
2. Kornilov, Denis 129.5 m - 130.5 m 255.1
3. Hazetdinov, Ilmir 128.5 m - 121 m 228.9
4. Kalinitschenko, Anton 123 m - 128.5 m 221.6
Sardyko, Alexander 131 m - 125 m 221.6
6. Trofimov, Roman 126.5 m - 124.5 m 216.9
7. Maksimochkin, Mikhail 124 m - 124 m 216.4
8. Chaadaev, Petr 123 m - 119.5 m 215.7
9. Buyvolov, Alexey 119.5 m - 125 m 212.2
10. Rosliakov, Ilja 122.5 m - 122 m 210.8

Berkutschi.com, 17.10.2013

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