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USA: Titles to Nick Alexander and Lindsey Van

Nick Alexander won the title at the US National Championships on the normal hill in Lake Placid ahead of Nick Fairall and Anders Johnson.

After his good performances in this year's FIS Grand Prix, Nick Alexander also proved his good shape on the Olympic hill of the Games of 1980. With two jumps on 99 m he showed the best performance in both rounds and took a clear win with a total of 263.5 points.

"You got to be able to relax and enjoy things out there and not put too much pressure on yourself", the 25-year-old told after winning his second national title. And after a very good summer for him, Nick Alexander already set his personal goals for the upcoming season. "We've had a great summer of training and when you get these kind of consistent results it makes you believe you are supposed to be there, so I'm doing my best to be consistent and that's my goal now and that's my goal for the winter, to be consistently among the Top 30 in the World Cup."

It was a close fight for the other two spots on the podium. Nick Fairall, who won the large hill title in Ausgust ahead of Alexander, came in second this time with 94 m and 92.5 m (242.5 points). Only 0.5 points behind, Anders Johnson was third (94.5 m and 90.5 m), Peter Frenette missed the podium by only one point and finished fourth.

About five weeks before the start of the winter season, head coach Clint Jones was satisfied with the performance of his athletes. "The level of our guys is quite high now and I was very happy with the overall team performance. It was a great way to end the summer season and I have been happy to see the improvements that our team has made over the past five months."

Lindsey Van took a clear win in the ladies' competition. The 2009 World Champion won the title with 92 m and 96.5 m and 250.0 points. The second place went to Jessica Jerome with 223.5 points (86.5 m and 91 m), followed by Alissa Johnson as third (80 m and 81.5 m; 185 points).

"I started jumping well a couple of weeks ago. It's nice, as I was struggeling a couple of years. I had fun today and jumping is about fun. I try not to get too serious about it and really try to enjoy it", said Lindsey Van. For her it was already her 16th national title.

Top 10 US Championships, Lake Placid K90; October 13, 2013

Rank Name Distance Points
1. Alexander, Nick 99 m - 99 m 263.5
2. Fairall, Nick 94 m - 92.5 m 242.5
3. Johnson, Anders 94.5 m - 90.5 m 242.0
4. Frenette, Peter 91 m - 95.5 m 241.0
5. Rhoads, William 92 m - 90 m 232.5
Glasder, Michael 89 m . 93.5 m 232.5
7. Rowley, Matthew 89 m - 92.5 m 230.0
8. Wallace, Brian 88 m - 87 m 213.5
9. Lamb, Chris 84.5 m - 87.5 m 210.0
10. Friberg, Christian 87.5 m - 83.5 m 204.5

Berkutschi.com, 14.10.2013

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