Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm. Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm. Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm.


Miroslav Dvorak double Czech national champion

The Czech national championships were held last weekend in Liberec and it was a big win weekend for Miroslav Dvorak who won both competitions on Saturday (large hill) and Sunday (normal hill) quite clearly. Unfortunately, not many athletes were attending the competitions and even with the participation of five Polish athletes, the starting field only consisted of 16 skiers. Promising Czech youngster Tomas Portyk couldn't attend the championships because he fell ill with a viral infection.

On the large hill, Dvorak jumped the furthest and was already in the lead at the intermediate point with 126 points and 16 second of head start on Czech team veteran Pavel Churavy (122 p.). Tomas Vancura claimed an intermediate third position with 117,8 points.

This intermediate result meant an easy race for Miroslav Dvorak, who still set the fastest cross-country time (22:43.1) and won comfortably 01:21.3 ahead of Petr Kutal. A fierce battle was on for the second place between Kutal, last year's titel winner Tomas Slavik, Pavel Churavy and Ales Vodesalek.

To give all participants fair chances, all of the athletes were equipped with the Polish roller-skis which were considerably faster than the ones usually used by the Czech Team. In the steep slopes of the last corners, Churavy and Slavik had too much speed, came off the course and crashed. Luckily nobody sustained serious injuries in the muddy landing and Churavy and Slavik were still able to reach the finish line but this meant that the places two and three went to Kutal and Vodsedalek who managed to take the turn successfully. Polish starters Pawel Slowiok and Szczepan Kupczak claimed ranks five and six.

"I had a good race", new Champion Miroslav Dvorak said on czech-ski.com. "But to give everybody fair conditions, we had those Polish roller-skis which go extremely fast. This year, we managed to race the 10 km in 22 minutes on a track where we usually use 26 to 27 minutes. A crash in the downhills was often not too far away. Of course I was lucky and did not have to hurry, so I was abel to control the situation before anything happened."

On the normal hill on Sunday, Polish rising star Szczepan Kupcaz was in the lead after the jump with a total of 133,5 points. Tomas Vancura claimed an intermediate second position (131,5 p.) and Petr Kutal ranked third (127 p.). Winner Miroslav Dvorak followed in fourth with 125 points but again, the 26-year-old set the fastest cross-country time with 22:58.2.

This time, however, he only barely managed to take the victory from Kutal who was actually in the lead leading up to the finish line but Dvorak overtook him again in the last metres. Kutal finally finished 00:00.1 after Dvorak. 42.4 seconds later, Ales Vodsedalek crossed the finish line and completed Sunday's podium. Polish starters Kupczak and Slowiok demonstrated their constant level of performance by claiming ranks four and five.

FIS-ski.com, 01 October 2013

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