Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm. Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm. Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm.


Learn to fly with our ski jumping program for kids ages 5 and up!

At one time or another, every kid dreams about flying through the air. The NSAA ski jumping program makes those dreams come true. Our trained coaches teach skiers how to execute jumps safely while enjoying the thrill and exhilaration of the flight. The facility has three jumps for all abilities: 15 meter, newly-rebuilt 40 meter and the big daddy 64-meter. For our super enthusiastic athletes who want to be on the snow as much as possible, NSAA is offers Ski Jumping/Nordic Combined. In this program, our skiers train in both ski jumping and our youth cross-country skiing program, Junior Nordic. Participants can ski with the Junior Nordic program three times a week and jump twice a week at the Karl Eid ski jumps.

NSAA offers programs for young skiers ages 5 and up. We know all ages love to fly so adult skiers are included in NSAA jumping programs. Click on the Program Info tab for details.

Want to watch our jumpers fly? During thewinter (weather permitting) jumps are open Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6:00-8:00 pm and Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 4:00 pm

Jumping prep November 2012What is Nordic Combined? Nordic Combined is one of Nordic skiingТs oldest disciplines combining Nordic skiing and ski jumping. Competitors begin by ski jumping, and are given points for both distance and style. The better you do on the ski jumping portion, the greater the head start you get in the Nordic ski race that follows. The skier that crosses the finish line first is the Nordic Combined winner.

Registration Opens October 1st every year.

All ages are welcome to join this fun sport!

We have an incredible resource right in our back yard not to mention that Anchorage has produced Olympian Jumpers who trained right here at our ski jumps.

NSAA Jumping and Nordic Combined, 29.09.2013

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