Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm. Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm. Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm.


Norwegian double victory in Nizhniy Tagil

Anders Bardal and Tom Hilde secured a double victory for the team of Norway in Nizhniy Tagil. Veteran Jakub Janda of the Czech Republic was third and achieved his first podium result in a Grand Prix or World Cup in about seven years.

Bardal, overall World Cup winner 2012, and Hilde fought for the win neck-and-neck. After the first round Bardal was second, but in the final he then jumped a meter longer than his teammate with 96.5 m and came in with a lead of 0.6 points. Janda showed the longest jump of the day with 99 m, and finished 1.3 points behind.

Anders Bardal: "I didn't expect such a good result at all. But I had the feeling that my jumping is getting better and better so I was hoping for some good results. We recently had training camps in Austria and Norway and we were jumping on ice tracks in Drammen. It's always nice to win and I like this type of hills. They are similar to the ones in Sochi and that's also why I'm here.У

Tom Hilde was also surprised by the outcome of the competition: "I'm really surprised about this result. I didn't expect such a good result, but I felt already yesterday that this hill is good. It feels a bit bigger than other K90. I had one good jump yesterday, so I knew I could do it and it went well today. This hill is a bit smaller than the one in Sochi, but the inrun feels the same. It's nice to jump well on a hill that's similar to Sochi. I didn't do well in Sochi last year, now I know I can do better there."

Jakub Janda: "I already wanted to compete in the Grand Prix in Hakuba, but at the COC in Kuopio I injured my knee in a long jump and I couldn't train for a few weeks. After this break it went really well again and it will be okay for the winter. I changed my training a bit and do more physical training again and a bit more of everything, because this is my last season. I don't know yet what to expect on the big hill tomorrow."

Stefan Hula was the best of the Polish team as fourth, Jan Ziobro as sixth, Krzysztof Biegun as eighth and Aleksander Zniszczol as 15th completed the once again strong result of the young Polish team.

Jernej Damjan finished seventh and achieved a top result for Slovenia. In absence of Simon Ammann, Pascal Kaelin was the best Swiss as ninth. The best Russian, Ilmir Hazetdinov, came in behind Japanese Reruhi Shimizu (10th) and closely missed the Top 10 as eleventh.

The small German team could not fight for the win today. Jan Maylaender was their best as 13th, a good result for him in his first appearance in the Grand Prix. Despite the absence of many top jumpers, veteran Martin Schmitt could not qualify for the final round as 31st.

Also Davide Bresadola (ITA, 16th), Matjaz Pungertar (SLO, 18th) and the young Norwegians Rune Velta and Anders Fannemel as 20th and 21st could not seize the opportunity and achieve top results. With Nicholas Alexander as 14th, half of the US team could score points today.

Krzysztof Biegun now got closer to Andreas Wellinger in the Grand Prix overall ranking, but he is still 110 points behind. There are only jumpers of Germany and Poland in the Top 6.

The second competition in Nizhniy Tagil is held on Sunday, before the circuit moves on to Almaty.

berkutschi.com, 14.09.2013

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