Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm. Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm. Ski Jumping Nordic Combined in Russia. Sports Club "Flying Skier" - Perm.


2013 Chaikovsky RUS

Logo of IMC 2013

In early March of 2013, the Old Boys of the ski jumping world assembled in Chaykovsky, in the Perm Region of Russia, for the International Masters Championships. This town with about 80 thousand people is in the Ural Mountains about 200 km south-west of the city of Perm and about 1000 km east of Moscow. (We find several other spellings of "Chaykovsky" which is transliterated from Russian.)

Perm region Coat of Arms

The 2103 IMC on the shiny new Chaykovsky jumping facility (below) offered competition on four hills: K-95, 65 & 40 meters, and a 20 meter for the "Golden Oldies", plus cross country races for Nordic Combined competition, and two team events.

The Five Chaykovsky Ski Jumps
Five brand new hills in Chaykovsky, K-95, 125, 65, 20 & 40, ready for the Old Boys.

This wonderful facility was completed in 2012 and the first jumps were taken in February of that year. In March, they hosted the Russian National Championships. The web site The Fancy New Hotel skisprungschanzen.com reports that 110 million Euros were spent for new jumps, biathlon course, and a hotel (right), and that the new facility is affiliated with a winter sports school for 150 students. Most of the participants stayed in this hotel which was an easy walk from the jumps. The jumps are in two clusters separated by about 100 meters and each group boasts its own chair lift.

Participants at IMC 2013 report that the new hills are beautiful and were in excellent condition throughout the IMC. One skier suggested that the word "perfect" may not be strong enough. Another said that the hills were probably the best in the history of the IMC. And the facility provides good waxing rooms and changing room. The weather can be summed up in one word: "COLD." The temperature was -28 C (-18 F) at the beginning of the first competition!

Arne Jens in his Souvenir Bib The shedule provided for open training on Sunday, March 3, and then on Monday and Tuesday, open training but with the nations divided into two groups assigned to separate sessions to reduce the waiting time at the tops of the jumps.

Among the items that each skier received was a beautiful number bib, personalized with his name and nation. Long time favorite at IMC, Arne Jens Jorgensen (right) wore his new bib during big hill training.

On Tuesday evening, participants gathered in the Chaikovsky town square (below) for the opening ceremonies.

The Town square and the namesake

When we think of the central square in a European town, we think of a public space hemmed in by ancient buildings, but not so in this town. Here the town square has an open feel and the buildings all look fresh and recently built. The town of Chaikovsky was established in 1955 and was named after the Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, who was born in the nearby town of Votkinsk. If you look carefully in the picture above-left, you can spy a statue of the composer in place of honor (closeup above-right).

The Opening Ceremony

At the opening ceremony, teams lined up behind placards bearing their national flags, and were entertained by singing and dancing, and more dancing and more dancing.

Two Dance Numbers

Two more dances!

A cross country skier (below, right) came skating into view carrying a flaming torch -- we are told that this was lit from the Olympic flame bound for Sochi for the 2014 Olympics. A flaming cauldron was lit that burned throughout the IMC (below, left).

The Olympic Flame

Fire!! Somehow in the process, not one but two fires flared up on the two front corners of the stage. We don't know if that was staged or if it was really an accident. At right we see an official trying to stamp out the flames before it damaged the equipment.


The team leaders of the eight national teams in attendance were called onto the stage and welcomed by two women in traditional costumes. One carried a round loaf of bread and the other brought a tray with small glasses of vodka.

Competition began the next morning, Wednesday, March 6, with the premier IMC event, the K-65 meter jumping. The skiers were greeted by a temperature of -28 C but the show went on.

Organizers divided the 123 skiers into two groups with the younger skiers (those under 50) competing first on that frigid morning. The sun had warmed things up a bit by the afternoon when the older skiers (50 and up) had their turn to jump. Here are two class winners on the K-65 who each won a second gold medal on another hill.

Double Gold Medalist
Rolf Markussen (NOR) Gold on 40 & 65

  Double Gold Medalist
Vladimir Frolov (RUS) Gold on 65 & 95

Later in the afternoon, the younger Nordic Combined skiers, 29 hardy racers, took to the cross country course, having earned their jumping points in the 65 meter competition. They chose waxes for very cold snow. Cross country races were held on the new Biathlon facility about 2.5 km from the jumps.

Award ceremonies for each day's events were held in the evening at the hotel, where three young ladies in traditional costumes (right) carried certificates up for the medalists. Assembled for Awards

  Three Young Ladies in Costume

At left we see IMC participants gathered in the hotel lobby, up the stairway and on the balcony for the first of three daily award ceremonies.

Seated right up front are the two oldest competitors: Kurt Brausse (arms crossed) and Teuvo Koljonen (white shirt).


Thursday, the day for 40 meter competition, brought foul weather. The older age groups (65 skiers ages 50 and up) skied in the morning but during a trial and one competition round, the wind grew stronger and stronger. The four oldest skiers (75 and up) had taken their second jumps when officials ruled that the competition should not go on, so the five age groups of skiers 50 to 74 years old were scored on just a single round of jumping. Here are two class winners on the K-40.

Just turned 78!
Kurt Brausse (GER) Gold on K-40
The oldest IMC jumper, just turned 78.

  President for several years
Alf Tore Haug (NOR) Gold on K-40
He was IMC President for several years.

The Thursday afternoon 40 meter competition for the younger skiers was postponed until Friday, but the cross country for the older age groups ran as scheduled.

Friday was a very long and busy day, but the good weather returned. The schedule was changed to make time for the added 40 meter competition. The day started with 29 skiers lining up at 9 am for the 20 meter jumping. This competition was just for the oldest skiers with four age groups for jumpers 60 and up, plus a single class for those under 60. Here are two Old Boys on the K-20 who are long-time IMC competitors with contrasting styles of jumping -- one in classic form, the other getting his 'V' on.

Classic style
Arnold Lund (NOR) in classic form
Two Golds and a Silver medal

  A modern 'V'
Anatoliy Chistyakov (RUS) with a 'V'
A Gold and a Silver medal

At noon, 39 competitors under age 50 took to the 40 meter hill for their competition postponed from Thursday. Finally, at 8 pm 66 jumpers competed under the lights on the big hill, K-95. Here are two jumpers on the big hill -- each of them took home two golds and a silver.

Second in 45-49
Seppo Kinnunen (FIN) on the big hill
Two Golds and a Silver medal

  Winner in 35-39
Stanislav Dubrovskiy (RUS) in flight
Two Golds and a Silver medal

The Russians spared no expense when they built this facility. We see that the start area on the big hill, and the other hills too for that matter, The starts on the K-95 enjoys every modern luxury. They have a zillion starts, and the flat areas where skiers put on their skis are long enough for the largest jumping skis and still leave room for other jumpers to walk past.


The two large hills, according to skisprungschanzen.com, are equipped with all-season refrigerated track made by Ski-line. These provide an ice track in summer and winter without snow. At right, we see jumper Ari Noponen of Finland just settling into the track -- he knows that it will be straight and smooth and fast.

Saturday was the day for team competitions with the team jumping on the K-65 at 10 am, followed by a Nordic Combined team relay at 1 pm. In both events, the teams have four members aged 30+, 40+, 50+ and 60+. These competitions are usually usually shootouts between Norway and Finland for bragging rights, but this year it was different. In the jump, Finland placed fourth following NOR-I, RUS-I & NOR-II.

Podium for the team jumping

In the team jumping, Norway took first and third and Russia was second.

The tables were turned in the Nordic Combined with Russia taking the first two spots, then Finland -- Team Norway had to settle for fifth place.

Podium for the NC Relay
In the NC Relay, Russia took first and second and Finland finished third.


Arriving at the Banquet  

Later in the afternoon, buses carried the participants on about a half hour ride to the closing banquet. Awards for the two team events were that first order of business at the banquet -- the ceremony was performed outside (see two pictures above).
IMC participants were welcomed with songs sung by a group of women in traditional costumes and a man playing accordion, and by a line of girls in costume.

Welcoming the skiers to the banquet

One of the feast tables
Inside the banquet hall, a feast awaited, with drinks for all.

The next act  

Along with the big dinner there was entertainment: more dancing and singing.

Photography was difficult in the crowded room, but we can show you two of the acts waiting in the wings for their big moment.

There was also an X-rated dance act that received mixed reviews.

The next act


Kurt Brausse (GER) was the oldest jumper at IMC 2013, as he was in 2012 in Sczcyrk, Poland. Kurt turned 78 on March 4 but took home a gold medal from the K-40 and silver from the K-20 competitions. At the right, Kurt is congratulated by James Lambert who has just finished his term as IMC President. James displays his Britishness by wearing kilts. Perfect IMC record  
The oldest jumper

At left, trying to keep warm in the frigid temperature of IMC 2013, is Sindre Helland of Norway, the only skier to have participated in all 24 editions of IMC. He is now accompanied at the Championships by his son Joakim.

Chief of Competition  
The two main IMC organizers were IMC stalwarts. The Chief of Competition was Sergey Chervyakov (left) who competed in IMC in the 1990's.

And the Chairman of the Organizing committee was Aleksandr Postanogov (right) who has competed for many years now and who even found the time and energy to jump in the K-65 and 95 meter competitions in Chaikovsky.

Head of the Organizing Committee

After the eating and drinking, after the speeches and gifts, after the singing and dancing, the participants at IMC 2013 in Chaikovsky began the many warm goodbyes as they parted from their friends for another year.

In 1998 when the IMC was hosted in Perm, Russia, not far from Chaikovsky, we learned that ski jumping was alive and well in the Ural Mountains. Skiers who had not come to the previous events in Scandinavia or the U.S. turned out in large numbers and showed their skills in jumping and their strength in cross country skiing. It was no surprise then when in 2013 Russia fielded a team of 109 excellent athletes (plus 4 pre-masters 25-29), the largest national team ever seen at IMC. It is sad that so many of these fine competitors are unable to travel west when the IMC is not in their back yard. Also sad was the small turnout of visiting teams in Chaikovsky. Only eight nations were represented and the visiting teams were all smaller than usual. We can guess the reasons -- long trip, high costs, bad economic times, and more -- but it is sad to see such a small turnout. In 2012 we had 17 nations in Sczcyrk, POL, having set the record of 18 the previous year in Harrachov, CZE. The number of athletes in Chaikovsky was large only because of the huge home-team. (The German team might have been larger but some of the skiers had trouble obtaining visas for travel in Russia.)

We have been pleased in the past when every nation at the IMC took home at least one medal, but this year three of the eight teams went home empty-handed. The 178 athletes posted 388 individual results, compared to the record of 408 results by 191 skiers at Taivalkoski in 2008.

A Brief Statistical Summary

A quick count in the result sheets show that 178 skiers from 8 nations recorded 388 finishes. Here are two tables -- one showing the team sizes and medal counts, and the other showing class sizes in the five events.

NAT  team   .. medals..        Ages   K-20 K-40 K-65 K-95  NC  Total
     size   G    S    B       --------------------------------------
-----------------------        75-79    3    4    1    0    3    11
AUT    1    0    0    0        70-74    4    4    1    0    3    12
FIN   19    9   10    8        65-69    3    8    5    2    5    23
GBR    1    0    0    0        60-64   11   15    9    4   10    49
GER    7    1    3    0        55-59    8   16   11    5    7    47
NOR   34   12   13   10        50-54        18   15    7    9    49
RUS  113*  20   17   23        45-49        14   20   10   10    54
SWI    2    3    0    0        40-44        13   22   10    8    53
UKR    1    0    0    0        35-39        10   24   14    7    55
-----------------------        30-34         2   11   11    4    28
     178   45   43   41       (25-29)             4    3          7
 *includes 4 premasters       Totals:  29  104  123   66   66   388

We have also prepared a list of all 178 competitors in IMC-2013 showing the skiers' nations and how they placed in each event.   Take a look.

Heroes of IMC 2013

IMC rules restrict a skier to two jumping events plus Nordic Combined, so an athlete can take home at most three individual medals. In 2013, eight athletes did win three medals, led by Stanislav Dubrovskiy (RUS), Seppo Kinnunen (FIN) and Arnold Lund (NOR) who each won two golds and a silver. You can find the five others in the medalist list below.

Two golds and a silver  
Two golds and a silver  
Two golds and a silver

Aatto skied in six events Four IMC athletes in age groups V and up (50+) chose to compete in the two larger hill competitions plus Nordic Combined, but an IMC rule required Nordic Combined competitors 50 years old and older to earn their NC jumping points on the 40 meter hill. This required the four to compete on three jumping hills. Of the four, only one skied in both team events - that athlete was Aatto Lamminpфф (right) who was chosen for both of Finland's A-teams, making him the Ironman of the 2013 IMC, competing in six events.

Meetings of the IMC Committee produced a new Board to lead the movement for the next two years. The Board consists of Manuela Steinki & Klaus Gu"nther of Germany and Stein Arne Hoel of Norway but the roles and titles of these three were not designated. The meetings did not name a host for IMC 2014.

Thank you to Erkki Ahtiainen and Manuela Steinki for their written reports on IMC 2013 - these provided much of the story recorded above. And thank you even more to Manuela for providing thousands of pictures. We mined her photo galleries for almost all of the pictures shown here.

Chaykovsky organizers produced results in .pdf files, one for each age group on each hill, plus Nordic Combined, 57 files in all. Results for the Nordic Combined jumping in class 50-54 are not available so we have linked to the full jumping results instead. Nine of the 14 skiers shown there competed in the Nordic Combined cross country race. Here are links to the results.

K-65, Mar 6
Ages 75-79
Ages 70-74
Ages 65-69
Ages 60-64
Ages 55-59
Ages 50-54
Ages 45-49
Ages 40-44
Ages 35-39
Ages 30-34
Ages 25-29
K-40, Mar 7
Ages 75-79
Ages 70-74
Ages 65-69
Ages 60-64
Ages 55-59
Ages 50-54
Ages 45-49
Ages 40-44
Ages 35-39
Ages 30-34
  Nordic Comb.
XC 75-79 Jump
XC 70-74 Jump
XC 65-69 Jump
XC 60-64 Jump
XC 55-59 Jump
XC 50-54 Jump
XC 45-49 Jump
XC 40-44 Jump
XC 35-39 Jump
XC 30-34 Jump
K-95, Mar 8

Ages 65-69
Ages 60-64
Ages 55-59
Ages 50-54
Ages 45-49
Ages 40-44
Ages 35-39
Ages 30-34
Ages 25-29
K-20, Mar 8
Ages 75-79
Ages 70-74
Ages 65-69
Ages 60-64
Ages 30-59

Team, Mar 9
NC relay

Here are the names of the medalists from IMC2013 in Chaikovsky ››

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